We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Tungsten Carbide Dies and Tools to majority of countries including Europe, United States of America, Australia, Etc. Mentioned below is the list of few of our products serving a very wide range of industrial applications. You can refer the technical data page for more assistance on the selection and application for your specified requirement. For Further details assistance kindly do write in to us.

Product Range

1. Seamless Pipe, Tube, Bar & Etc. Drawing Dies Ranging upto 200 mm ID

2. Cold Forging Heading, Extrusion, Etc. Dies

3. Dies for Sintered Metal Products.

4. Sheet Metal Forming (Deep Drawing, Cupping, Etc.) Dies

5. Coating Dies for Welding Electrodes

6. Nozzles, Wire cutting Dies for Welding Electrodes

7. Lamination Tooling’s in Carbide

8. Stamping and Coining Dies

9. Dies for Ammunition factory (Bullets & Bomb Shells)

10. Ring and Caliper Gauges in Tungsten Carbide

11. Structural Tooling’s for Automobile Components

12. Dies, Punches for Powder Compacting

13. All Types of Wear Parts in Tungsten Carbide

14. Tungsten Carbide Ring Sets for Wire Drawing Machines

15. Steel Tooling’s as per customers design and specification

16. Tungsten Carbide fro Hot Extrusion of copper and Brass

17. Warm Forging (Engine Valve) Dies

18. Extrusion Dies Assemblies for Automobile components

19. Tungsten Carbide Taper Roller Dies for Bearing Industry

20. Profile Draw Dies for various shapes and sizes

21. Coin Blanking Dies in Tungsten Carbide

22. Work Rest Blades/ Knife Edge Cutter in Carbide

23. Carbide Tooling’s related to Cigarette Manufacturing

24. Carbide Tooling’s related to Textile Industry.

Note: - Toolcraft Precision Tools is into manufacturing of only Tungsten Carbide Dies and Tools where as Toolcraft Engineering caters the Steel Tools requirement.